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Best Local Produce from Les Arcs

Discover the top Les Arcs local produce


Cattle are a mainstay of the Alps' economy, and the mountainous regions of the Alps were traditionally devoted to farming. The star is undoubtedly the stout local breed of cow which can still be seen prancing around the meadows in Les Arcs in the summer, just follow the bell sounds!

Their milk is used to produce delicious cheeses, from creamy Reblochon or Vacherin to more cured Beaufort and Abondance, there is just a lot to choose from. No wonder, then, that cheese is the main ingredient in the region's local cuisine. Pork is also bred in the Alps, and used to make delicious cured meat, which you can have with your raclette, as well as the traditional sausages called 'diots'.

Agriculture is, on the other hand, somewhat more restricted due to the harsh winter climate, but more sturdy varieties of cereals such as buckwheat do grow in the area and are used to prepare delicacies like crozets and crepes. However, vineyards do develop int the area and the Savoie region is home to great white wines and strong liquors made with regional herbs. The mountain areas of the Alps are also a forager's paradise, with a wealth of wild berries and mushrooms growing in its forests.

Official label to guarantee authentic regional produce

Appellation d'Origine Controlee (AOC)

Small wild blueberries

Bilberries - Myrtilles

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Sausages from the Savoy region


Freshwater fish mainly from Lake Léman, in Geneva


Delicious wild mushrooms foraged in local forests

Wild Mushrooms

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Wines & Aperitifs

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